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Scrap preheating is a technology that can reduce the power consumption of EAFs through from using the waste heat of the furnace to preheat the scrap charge. Scrap preheating is performed either in the scrap charging baskets, in a charging shaft (shaft furnace) added to the EAF, or in a specially designed scrap conveying system allowing ...

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Using a drop bottom bucket is the simplest and cheapest form of charging this type of furnace providing an overhead gantry crane is available. We offer various options for opening and closing the discharge doors and also weighing stations if required to weigh and record each charge batch in the bucket.

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The Clamshell type charge bucket is the most common used charge bucket for charging the top charge Electric Arc Furnace. The Whiting Clamshell charge bucket is loaded with scrap steel on the ground. Once it is loaded the crane operator will hoist the charge bucket up with the main hook and position the charge bucket directly above the top ...

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For all tests, the furnace was preheated by inserting a propane burner through the slag door and preheating for approximately 12 h. The initial charge of shredded auto scrap, reductant, and slag formers was top charged to the furnace by means of a charging bucket. The amount of scrap in this initial charge was 450 lb.

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At the bottom of each charge bucket is a clamshell door. Crane operators hoist each charge bucket over the electric arc furnace open the doors, and drop their load of scrap steel. If you happen to see this process in person, be prepared for a little heat. It takes two charges to make a …

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Phillips Scrap Charging Buckets - for top loading of electric arc furnaces - are designed for an even spread of scrap over the bed of the furnace. Constructed of heavy steel plate, bars and rolled shapes. Bottom doors, fabricated of dished plate are waffled for added strength and allow the bucket to sit on the


5. Require high capacity overhead crane to charge large quantities of scrap from a heavy bucket with lower opening doors 6. Require local pits under crane for 3 or 4 buckets waiting to be charged 7. Require space for park position for removed lid 8. High cost furnace, high cost building CLEAN SCRAP - TOP LOADED FURNACES


Successful single bucket operation with average charge density close to 0.55 m³/t. Definitively lower scrap costs compared to other single bucket EAF solutions. Absolutely higher efficiency compared to standard EAF operating with similar scrap quality and multi-bucket charges.

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Essentially, scrap preheating is a technology that uses the hot waste gases of the furnace to preheat the scrap charge (SOACT, 2007, p. 68). The scrap charge is the scrap …

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Mar 08, 2000· The recycling industry is responsible for collecting processing and marketing billions of dollars worth of metals, paper, plastics and other recovered materials. Through Recycling Today and Recycling Today Global Edition , market directories, and industry conferences, GIE serves the scrap and recycling industry in North America and globally.

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Table 1 Comparison of bucket and Consteel charging of scrap in an EAF part continuously charged with DRI through the roof Scrap bucket charged EAF Consteel pre-heated scrap charging with continuous DRI feed with continuous DRI feed Feeding can only begin after the scrap charge is substantially melted

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Scrap Charge. Internally-generated and externally-purchased scrap metal is loaded into the charge bucket via an overhead crane from the south end of the melt shop. Melt Process. The charge bucket is transferred to one of two 75 ton electric arc furnaces; Scrap charge is melted by 50 MVA electrical charge

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12.5 Iron And Steel Production 12.5.1 Process Description1-3 ... can be rotated aside to permit the charge of scrap steel by overhead crane. Alloying agents and fluxing materials usually are added through the doors on the side of the furnace. Electric current of 10/86 ...

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Scrap bucket charge process. In figure 3, a conventional scrap charging bucket preheating system is schematically illustrated. Preheating scrap has several advantages: a) reduced energy consumption; b) removal of moisture from the scrap; c) reduced electrode …

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As a result steel mills, aluminum mills and scrap processing yards have installed radiation scrap monitoring systems at their inbound scales, at charge bucket loading stations, on conveyor systems, on cranes handling scrap, on baghouses, and in their metallurgical laboratories. Systems are also installed to monitor product and byproducts.

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At the scrap yard, the charge buckets, owned and maintained by Nucor, are loaded by Phoenix Services to the Nucor charge recipe and delivered to the melt shop where they are placed for use. The roads utilized by the charge bucket carriers are kept in optimal operating condition by Phoenix Services.


CHARGE BUCKET SYSTEM . The RC Charge Bucket Radiation Detection Systems are RadComm’s most advanced charge bucket radiation monitoring system specifically designed to detect radioactive material contained in a moving grapple loaded with scrap metal/material.

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Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking By Jeremy A. T. Jones, Nupro Corporation Courtesy of Mannesmann Demag Corp. ... Preparation of the charge bucket is an important operation, not only to ... scrap charge is melted, the furnace sidewalls are exposed to intense radiation from the arc. As a …


MODERN FURNACES FOR ALUMINUM SCRAP RECYCLING Photo 8: Front Loading Melter Top Charging (Photo 9) – the top charge furnace features a removable roof that provides full access to the interior of the furnace. Loading is accomplished by overhead crane and charge bucket. The advantage of this design is that it can be filled very quickly.

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Scrap Management Systems to Meet Our Partners' Needs. TMS International designs, builds and staffs sophisticated scrap handling, scrap preparation and delivery systems to meet our partners' most rigorous requirements. ... in conjunction with TMS' proprietary scale software allowing for accurate loading and tracking of charge bucket recipes and ...

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The Phillips Scrap Charging Buckets are designed for an even spread of scrap over the bed of a furnace. Irwin Car and Equipment. Search form ... Bottom doors, fabricated of dished plate are waffled for added strength and allow the bucket to sit on the floor without special auxiliary supports.

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Layering scrap in the bucket has been demonstrated to have significant effects on melting dynamics, thus affecting energy con-sumption. The scrap profile determines electri- ... for scrap charge is always to keep as near con-stant as possible the layer of scrap, in size (height) and grade (mix), in order to have a

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For years electric arc furnace charge bucket loading has used a tried and true method with little change. Modern steel mini-mills require more efficient ways to load charge buckets that also more reliably provide the best quality steel scrap mix for providing the most cost effective and efficient steel making process.

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The process begins with placing steel from our scrap yard into a charge bucket. Because each “heat” is custom-made even the composition of scrap that goes into the charge bucket is quite precise. Loaders follow a specific recipe for each of our customers.

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Scrap. Resource mainly used for researching items into blueprints at workbenches or experimenting in them, which, depending on the workbench, in most cases is not cheap. It's also a type of currency, used for trading various items at the Scientist Outpost and the Bandit Camp. As such, Scrap is very valuable and essential at any point in the game.

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Scrap & Ingot is loaded into the supplied bucket(s). Charger gate is opened and the full bucket is rolled into charger frame where engages with lifting forks. Operator closes/latches access gate and initiates the charge ready push button.

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Scrap Yard. The Scrap Yard prepares the raw materials charge for each heat of steel. Scrap is purchased in different quality grades. Each scrap charge is composed of a mixture of grades designed to achieve the correct chemistry to satisfy our customers' requirements. Each grade is loaded into a "clamshell" bucket and weighed.


Charging buckets are used to load scrap into an electric arc furnace. Charging buckets are sized by volume (FT³ or M³) and diameter. A charging bucket is transported by an overhead crane using its main hook. It uses a special lifting bale that is opened and closes by a second auxiliary hook.

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Cost Optimization of Scrap When Making Steel with an Electric Arc Furnace Wang Weifeng Master of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering McGill University Montreal,Quebec 2012-02-03 A thesis submitted to McGill University in partial full llment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Engineering Wang Weifeng, 2012

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Jan 13, 2014· grab bucket for steel scrap charging. APR Bright Industries ... MANUFACTURER OF BALING MACHINE,BALING PRESS,BALING PRESS MACHINE,SCRAP BALING PRESS MACHINE ... Excavator Bucket, Teeth, …

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We're an industry leader in the engineering and fabrication of steel mill scrap charging buckets, a crucial component in steel production. We were recently contracted by a Midwestern steel mill to design and build multiple 3,860 ft3 steel mill furnace scrap charging buckets along with pallet carriers.

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Bucket charging systems are useful when there is adequate overhead space to accommodate it and its carrying mechanism. The key to a successful bucket-charging operation is an effective system for filling, moving, emptying and returning the buckets. Bucket charging systems must be used with charge drying or preheating systems for safety.

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PDF | For EAF furnaces charged jointly with scrap and with DRI through the roof, feeding the scrap via a Consteel pre-heater conveyor rather than by bucket enables a shorter power-on time ...

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