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Memphis Concrete Costs & Prices - ProMatcher Cost Report: Memphis Concrete Costs & Prices. Memphis, Tennessee. The Memphis Concrete Cost Report is a concise report on everything you need to know about the cost of concrete in the Memphis area. ... $86.66 - $97.02 per cubic yard (3,000 psi 3/4" crushed stone) Estimate takes into account labor. It ...

Chapter 5 - Fly Ash in Flowable Fill - Fly Ash Facts for ...

Virtually any coal fly ash can be used in flowable fill mixes. The fly ash does not have to meet AASHTO M 295 (ASTM C 618) specification requirements as a concrete admixture to be suitable for use in flowable fill, even fly ash with high LOI or carbon content is suitable.

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Cost per yard: (dollars) You will need approximately: cubic yards of concrete. or 80 pound readi-mix bags! Your cost will be approximately: $ dollars . Labor, other materials, taxes, etc, NOT included! Note about price: When using bags, the price will usually be much higher than …

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User Guidelines for Waste and Byproduct Materials in Pavement Construction. FLOWABLE FILL: ... and baghouse dust) have also been used. Depending on the unit weight of the flowable fill material, a cubic yard of flowable fill may contain between 680 and 1400 kg (1500 and 3000 pounds) of fine aggregate or filler material. ... A range of 250 to ...

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GTA Price List ... Cost Recovery Charges ... and the required pour rate in cubic metres per hour. Radio orders – We discourage orders over the radio or to sales staff. If this is necessary we Upon Request that the order be confirmed by telephone on the same day as the order is placed. (Balance orders will be accepted over the radio).

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Typically you will only use 25-30 gallons of water per cubic yard of flowable fill. Since I am increasing the air content of the flowable fill with Fill-Flow, will I also experience a reduction in strength of the flowable fill? A.No. You are increasing the air content, but you are also reducing the water content.

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Load Reducing Fill Expo Light Rail Los Angeles, CA. Approximately 38,000 cubic yards of Geofill LD Cellular Concrete was placed between MSE walls. Densities ranged from 24 to 27 PCF with minimum strengths of 40 psi. Daily production rates exceeded 1,000 cubic yards per shift. This high production equipment is capable of placing 300+ cubic yards ...

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The delivered cost for CLSM ranged from $100 per cubic yard for the initial project in 1991 to $38 per cubic yard in 1993. The to-tal in-place cost of CLSM—which includes furnishing, placing, flange filler material, drilling and filling core holes, and labor— has varied from $50 to $140 per cubic yard. It is expected that unit costs will ...

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West Florida Concrete has been a family owned and operated staple in the Tampa Bay, FL community since 1985. Since then, we have constantly worked to Improve our mix designs, admixtures, and type of cement in order to deliver the highest quality of concrete. This includes mixes from 2500psi to 5000psi, flowable fill, curb, pump and fiber mixes.

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Type in inches and feet of your project and calculate the estimated amount of Sand / Screenings in cubic yards, cubic feet and Tons, that your need for your project. The Density of Fill …

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Section A – Flowable Fill No. Item Unit Estimated Quantity Unit Cost* Total Cost* Unit Cost* Total Cost* A1 Flowable Fill – normal hours Cubic Yards 2,500 $42.00 $105,000.00 $102.00 $255,000.00 Flowable Fill – normal hours – with winter charge Cubic Yards $600.00 $47.00 $28,200.00 $106.00 $63,600.00 A2 Flowable Fill - After

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Apr 26, 2017· How much does lightweight concrete cost? April 26, 2017 concrete COST Lightweight. 0. Posted ... ( USD 22.00 )to maximum RM 150.00 (USD 38.00 ) per meter cube. • How does lightweight concrete compare in price to plain concrete? A typical concrete structure project will be much less expensive cubic meter to cubic meter when compared to plain ...

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These tables show the average low-bid unit prices for individual bid items used in highway construction and highway maintenance projects. The data is organized statewide and by district, and the averages are based on 3 consecutive months and 12 consecutive months.

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paid for at the contract unit price per cubic yard for borrow, or for salvaged stockpiled selected materials as shown on the Schedule of Pay Items, unless otherwise provided. FLOWABLE BACKFILL Flowable backfill is used to fill trenches for pipe structures, culverts, utility cuts and other work extending under pavement locations, to fill


Unit Cost (Per Cubic Yard) Total Cost; 21. 90000038; 500 Flowable Fill – Regular Hours (Base Bid Item) $100.70 $50,350.00 ... 20 Flowable Fill - Sunday Hours (Optional Bid Item) N/A N/A; 25 90000040; 10 Flowable Fill – Holiday Hours (Optional Bid Item) N/A N/A; Est. Hours. Extra Truck Hours . Hourly Rate; Total Cost. 26. 9000041. 5; Hourly ...

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What is the average cost of fill dirt per yard? You need to check locally. Most of the cost will be delivery. ... it takes a cubic yard (IE it would fill a box that was one yard wide by one yard ...

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Although price per cubic yard of flowable fill is more expensive than other backfill materials, flowable fill proves to reduce in-place costs across the board. On one job recently in Houston, more than $12,000 was saved by using flowable fill, and this savings is not unusual.

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The cost to Backfill a Trench starts at $1.93 - $8.31 per linear foot, but can vary significantly with site conditions and options. Get fair costs for your SPECIFIC project requirements. See typical tasks and time to backfill a trench, along with per unit costs and material requirements. See professionally prepared estimates for trench backfilling work.


FLOWABLE FILL USING GLASS CULLET PENNDOT’s Glass Cullet Workshop ... Cost Comparisons Flowable Fill vs. Conventional Aggregate Source: Hennis and Frishette, 1990 Flowable Fill Units Required ... (1 cubic yard). TABLE A Mix Design Properties & Criteria Type A Type B Type C Type D

Use of Flowable Fill (CLSM) for Trench Back ll

Use of Flowable Fill (CLSM) for Trench Back ll Bobby W. Meade David Q. Hunsuckery Michael D. Stonez ... flowable fill costs approximately $9.50 per linear foot of pipe more ... 3,125 cubic yards offlowable fill were used to backfill approximately 7,081 feet of trench.

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There is a time allotment of 15 minutes per yard and a maximum of 1 hour per truck. It is $1.60 per minute any amount of time over 1 hour; The Contractor is to provide a wash-out area on site. Flowable Fill – $ 95 Per Yard; Accelerator – $ 10 per % per yard (2% is Standard) ... Visit our Calculator page to see how many cubic yards you may ...

Economic Considerations When Using Controlled Low …

Economic Considerations When Using Controlled Low-Strength Material ... Flowahle Fill , Flash Fill Flowable Grout, Fl wable Mortar, One-Sack Mix, and o on. By 1980 it wa evident to the early developers of low-strength ... Mat erial Weiaht llbl/Cubic Yard Portland Cement, ASTM C150 (Type I) 100

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Calculate the cubic yardage of the same trench. Backfill is typically sold by the yard. Like concrete, it should be converted from feet to yards. There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard. Think of a cubic yard as a cube that is 3 feet wide, 3 feet long and 3 feet deep. Divide 2400 by 27 to yield 88.9 cubic yards.

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Flowable Fill can: Cut Costs Because it flows into place and settles on its own, flowable fill reduces the cost of manpower and equipment. While traditional compacted fill requires two laborers for placement and two laborers for compaction, flowable fill requires …

Controlled low strength material -

water per cubic yard. CLSM was placed in trenches with depths ranging from 3 to 9 feet. Tre n c h widths also va r ied. In all cases, CLSM achieve d densities of more than 120 pounds per cubic foot This pro j e c t , completed in 1987, used CLSM as backfill for the c a s t - i n - p l a c e c o n c re t e foundation walls of a building addition.

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Use our concrete calculator to get an estimated amount of concrete for your next project. To get a quote, request an estimate with your project details.

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Quikrete 50 lb. Non-Shrink Precision Grout is a high strength, non-metallic, non-shrink grout designed for a variety of grouting and anchoring applications. It can be mixed to a plastic, flowable or fluid consistency based upon what the particular needs are on the jobsite.

Evaluation of CLSM (Flowable Fill) for Trench Back ll

A cost comparison of CLSM and conventional backfill (manufactured limestone sand) indicates that when trench dimensions are the same and only direct costs (labor, materials, equipment, and associated costs) are included, CLSM costs approximately $9.50 per foot of pipe more than conventional backfill for a six-foot by six-foot trench.

313A3$. PER CUBIC YARD - Department of Transportation

In pavement trenches, fill the pavement trenches so that the top of the flowable fill will not be beyond or higher than the bottom of any treated pavement structure. The mixture shall fill all voids during the backfill operation. ... The Engineer will measure CLSM per cubic yard. 312.05 Basis of Payment.

What Is the Difference Between Lean Concrete & Flowable ...

Flowable concrete, or flowable fill, is similar in composition to lean concrete. It is a type of slurry that can be used to quickly and easily fill cavities. It has low strength and self-leveling capabilities, with a late-age strength of between 30 and 150 pounds per square inch.

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Charleston Concrete Costs & Prices - ProMatcher Cost Report: Charleston Concrete Costs & Prices. Charleston, South Carolina. The Charleston Concrete Cost Report is a concise report on everything you need to know about the cost of concrete in the Charleston area. ... $91.57 - $102.52 per cubic yard (3,000 psi 3/4" crushed stone) Manhours for ...

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